…Unique Handmade Designs From the Heart of England...

Enamelling is:- Creating Beautiful Things by Melting Powdered Glass on to Metal at around 800 Centigrade.

Treat Someone Special...

...to designs created with love and care. Handmade in North Worcestershire.

  • Dragonfly-Bl_Tq-CU-R
  • eagle ray earrings b&w - christine harmer
  • Green Leaf Pendant Close up
  • Starfish Pendant -Colour 2
  • three part articulated pendant -pink mq -christine harmer
  • Top-View-Square-Sgraffito-Brooch-Pale-Colours
  • House Number 209
  • Daisy Pendant Large Mixed Colours (Close up)
  • Oval-Music-Brooch-Close-up-2
  • Peacock Feather Pendant (with Feather)
  • Large-Heart-Pendant-Close-up
  • Small-Spiral-Pendant-Tq
  • Moon & Star Earrings
  • Multi Echinacea on Silk 250mm Background a
  • Bass Clef Cuff Links on Jacket
  • Echinacea Brooch (on jacket)
  • Sheep-in-Three-Colours
  • Hedgehog-Earrings-TV-OS
  • Badger Pendant CU R

    or why not...

    ...Release your Creativity

    Learn to do enamelling  for yourself

    • Enamelling Session - Students at Work
    • Enamelled-Pendant-made-by-Student--1
    • 3-Pendants-by-Students--1
    • Students Show off their finished work
    • Student's Enamel Design 18c from Workshop Session
    • Student's work - simple can be really effective
    • Student's Enamel Plaque made at Enamellin Session
    • Enamelling Equipment 2
    • Student's cactus enamel plaque
    • A student creates a design at enamelling session

      Greetings Cards

      Cards with designs based on my designs in enamels and silk painting.


      New Designs

      My most recent work.

      Exterior Design

      Items with decorative enamelled panels.

      Learning to do Enamelling

      Book a session, come along and make a pendant, or small plaque like the students picture above


      Visit a show.

      Enamelling Gift Vouchers

      Treat your loved ones to a relaxing morning of enamelling and make a pendant or small plaque to take home