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This is the first in a series of blog posts about my involvement in the Charter 400 Artwork Project. Earlier this year I put forward a proposal and was pleased to be commissioned to make my design. The project celebrates the 400th Anniversary of the granting of a Royal Charter to Worcester. 


About the Artwork


I like a challenge. For some time I had wanted to do something new, on a larger scale than the jewellery which has formed the majority of my work for many years. In 2019 an opportunity arose to make an interactive artwork in enamels. Spurred on by this, I relished the chance to make a mixed media piece and secured another commission. When I found out about Charter 400, I  knew I wanted to make a hanging mobile sculpture. To me, it seemed the ideal way to represent the passage of time by creating snapshots of the events and developments that have made Worcester the city it is today.

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