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  1. As promised in an earlier post, here is the explanation of the decoration on the plaque which represents the Guild Hall. 

    When the facade of the building was being restored, stonemason Martin Webb carved two snails into the foliage panels. The panels were intended to be made up simply of stylised acanthus leaves, however because the main contractor showed no interest in the progress of the work, he added the snails. For weeks on end nobody visited the site, so presumably no-one was aware of the snails and they are still there today. When I learnt about this story, I found this small act of rebellion intriguing and worth celebrating and I hope you will as well.


    This will be the last post about the design and making of this mobile hanging sculpture as the Artwork is now complete, and will be taken to the Guild Hall, in Worcester for display. A special event is taking place tomorrow Saturday 2nd October to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the charter granting Worcester city status. 


    Please feel free to comment on this blog and the Artwork. 


    Jewellery will soon be available featuring some of the designs on the enamelled plaques.


  2. Now the central section can be joined to the rest of the sculpture.

    The final process in making the Artwork is to attach the decorative enamelled plaques. Tiny stainless steel screws fit into the notches I made earlier to fix the plaques to the backing shapes.


    Here are some of them, I particularly want to mention the one I seem to have missed when listing and describing the subjects I chose for the piece.
    This is the brightly coloured and monochrome design featuring The Malverns and a piano keyboard representing the music of Elgar.B35E672E-C831-492B-BDCE-D2EF39DF3215

    In the next post - The sculpture is complete.