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‘Close Affinity’ #Creative Connections Project Launch

(May 15, 2020)

This is the Official Launch of my project 'Close Affinity' one of 20 #CreativeConnections projects commissioned by #SevernArts and Worcestershire County Council which aims to stimulate creativity in the county in these difficult times. Get Creative, Get Making.

‘Close Affinity

As a designer maker, working in kiln-fired enamels largely using a copper base, most of my work is comprised of jewellery. However, I have recently moved into making larger mixed media pieces.

I have interpreted #CreativeConnections as the means by which we are all interlinked by our creativity. To present this in a visual form, I chose some of the materials used in the crafts I practice, and a shape, the circle. All the circular elements of the project will overlap and/or intersect with others creating new shapes. These reflect the way in which we are changed and influenced by our involvement with others. Each circle will have a number of possible ways of connecting some visible, some hidden symbolising the different ways in which we are all interconnected. The final form of the piece ‘Close Affinity’ will give further emphasis to our #CreativeConnections.


Watch this space for the reveal of the finished artwork ,to learn how you can become involved in making ‘Close Affinity’ circles yourself and share them online. Here's a sneaky peek of the progress so far.


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