Meet the Maker

Christine with Scarf

"Hi, I'm Christine, the designer and craftmaker behind 'Original Kiln-fired Enamelled Jewellery'. This website is a fairly new venture, however I have been making and selling my enamelled jewellery offline for many years. You can be sure that each piece of enamelled jewellery for sale here has been individually handmade in the workshop by me. A wider selection of my work is available to buy directly from my studio,which has a small shop area to browse and also through the craft shows and other events in the local area and a bit further afield. If you cannot find the item you require, I am happy to work to commission either to produce one-off  items or multiples of one design."                         

How is the jewellery made?

Enamelling is the fusing of specially produced finely powdered glass to a metal base. A pure metal is required such as gold, silver or copper in order that the enamel adheres properly. I use copper and a small sieve to apply the powder. Firstly the back of a copper shape (or blank) is covered, this is called counter-enamel. Then the blank is fired in an enamelling kiln (like the one shown below) for a short time at around 800 degrees centigrade, on a stainless steel mesh support. After cooling the piece is turned over and the chosen colour is applied to the front. This is then balanced on a different stainless steel support called a stilt or trivet and refired (the mesh cannot be used as the counter enamel will melt and would stick to it). This may be repeated, then a final decorative layer is put on and the piece is refired. Once cooled the edges are filed to remove 'fire-scale' which is the blackening of the copper edges caused by heating. Finally the item can be assembled into a piece if jewellery.

What is Enamelling?

How to make an enamelled brooch 2

How to make an enamelled brooch 1
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How to make an enamelled brooch 1